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windows mobile error code 805a8011

Sep 15,  · Getting the same error, had to Reset the phone and NOT Restore from the back up during the setup process. people were helped by this reply Did this solve your problem? Windows phone users, specially Lumia owners are getting error code a in Windows store. here are everything you need to know to fix this problem on your own. hello. the method 3 for windows phone was not clear to me. i did not find any microsoft account on ” add an account” in the settings. i could not make any changes to the existing microsoft account as well.

I am getting an error code a when trying to access the Windows - Microsoft Community

I sync my phone and deleted photos and videos I have more than mb on my phone available and it still wont go to the store what do I do??? Other solutions were either unresolved or asked for a full reset of the phone, this worked well.

Thank you for writing this blog post. Ok, windows mobile error code 805a8011, so I have made space, around 6gb, and restarted my phone, and the error code is still there on the store Nokia Lumia I cleared out all of my photos, etc.

Lumia After Synchronizing error code a in Windows Phones will be solved. If the problem is not resolved follow the next method. Method 2: At first, connect you windows mobile device to a Wi-Fi or internet data. Go to Mail. My phone has mb storage left and I still encountering this error. Am experiencing this problem now, windows mobile error code 805a8011.

I have mb free space but still my phone can't connect. What can I do? I ended up having to reset the phone and start again. Couldn't get rid of the error no matter what I windows mobile error code 805a8011 even after installing an SD card. I need help with this error I have ample storage space as I just transferred all my photos into a hard disc, why do I still have this problem? I have enough space, I have created another Microsoft account, I have syncd but the error is still coming to my screen.

Can someone help? From reading the above comments looks like even after installing a SD Card I may still have trouble Perhaps this glitch will be fixed in Windows 10 for those of us with Lumia s I am getting " there is a problem in completing your request.

Try again later. Inquiring minds might find this error code helpful: a" this on my screen when ever i clicked on store. I tried many things to get rid this error, windows mobile error code 805a8011. I synchronized my Microsoft windows mobile error code 805a8011 and made my storage free but no use.

I suffering by this error from 3 weeks. Plzz help me to get rid from this error. Looks like we all got this problem. Sad thing no Microsoft rep has come to provide a solution.

I have storage space in excess of mb and the problems still there. A Microsoft rep in windows mobile error code 805a8011 hardware store suggested I do a phone reset to fix it. I have the same problem! And I have done all the methods, none of it works.

All I have left is to reset my phone, has anyone tried it? I have 1. My Microsoft account password for missing no store open no download plz help me, windows mobile error code 805a8011. Me, Ashutosh having nokia Lumiaam also facing the same trouble. I faced this problem when Windows mobile error code 805a8011 opened the store after changing the memory card which is having sufficient space.

Please suggest something to fix the error :, windows mobile error code 805a8011. The only "fix" is a rubbish bin and a new phone. But I already hate Apple And Sumsung! I guess I'll re-learn to hate LG, it's been a while.

Check out my frend's project! Find all the spare books around you! Monday, December 9, How to fix error a on Windows Phone. I met a today. It is one sneaky little error that made me scratch my head for quite some time. This is a error that my Lumia running Windows Phone 8 was throwing when Microsoft store was opened.

The symptoms that come with it are: 1. Internet works in IE on your Windows Phone and in some apps. Microsoft store app won't even try to connect and throw this error. WhatsApp won't connect to the internet.

Other possible symptom that I didn't encounter. You need to delete some photos, music or videos to make some space. Hopefully everything will be fine after you have about MB or more of free space on the phone.

The only explanation that comes to mind is that the OS needs this free space. I have no clue. When I Googled this, all I saw was few discussion of user having this problem and some of them 'fixing' it by a hard reset. There was no official page from Microsoft explaining the meaning or reason for this error, let alone providing a solution.

No one seemed to have an idea what this is. The discussions in languages other than English were also all dead ends. Even the clever Russians, to whom I turn to for solutions of such rare problems, had no clue. I had this wild thought that the error was caused by the low storage space I had left. It struck me when I saw the measly 23 MB free space when I was browsing through the settings menu to find something relevant to the symptoms. Good luck with your troubleshooting!

Feel free to leave me a question or two. Edit: Here is another way to fix the error: Try to manually synchronize your Microsoft account by going to "Settings". Cecilia Terrile March 13, at AM. Anonymous February 18, at AM. Mona Fathy May 10, at PM. Videogamer July 24, windows mobile error code 805a8011 AM. Anonymous October 27, windows mobile error code 805a8011, at AM. Henry Daggett November 7, at AM. Nick Craft December 23, at AM. Anonymous March 19, at AM.

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windows mobile error code 805a8011


Aug 15,  · Error code a is common in Windows phones of almost all mobiles, wile downloading apps from Windows store. This error can be resolved by the following simple. Oct 11,  · Error Code a is the most common windows phone error code that occurs mostly on Windows store, but here we have the solution for Error Code a Jan 13,  · Switch ON your Windows Phone (In case if it is Switched OFF) Press and hold Volume down + power buttons until your phone must not touch the screen during this entire process of Soft Reset even when an option to power off pops up.