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Chatr offers prepaid monthly bundles with no option for post-pay plans. At the time of writing, prices for monthly bundles range between $20 and $50 per month, per line. Should you need a phone, Chatr offers a range of basic flip phones and entry-level smartphones. However, device financing is not available. Let's get going. Discover simple, affordable, unlimited talk plans to help you stay connected and on-the-go locally, province-wide or across Canada. phones. Our shelves are stocked with simple, affordable phones to make anyone happy – from basic cell phones right through to smartphones to keep you connected with family and friends. Or if you already have a phone you love, pair it with a chatr SIM card and plan. It’s that easy!

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Owned by Rogers, Chatr is their entry-level carrier offering. This makes it chatr phones to research the zones in your area before committing to a plan, chatr phones. Chatr offers prepaid monthly bundles with no option chatr phones post-pay plans. Should you need a phone, Chatr offers a range of basic flip phones and entry-level smartphones, chatr phones. Chatr phones, device financing is not available.

Data from OpenSignal breaks down the Rogers network by type is as follows:. You can check coverage and network types in your area at the Chatr support page.

The Rogers netowork ranked third for download speeds in both the 4G and 3G network categories in Tutela's " Mobile Experience Report chatr phones, tests showed an average speed of Uploads speeds averaged 7. Additional data from OpenSignal shows an average an average 3G download speed of 2.

Within Canada, roaming fees will chatr phones on your plan. Plans labeled as in-zone use billing zones to determine roaming status. There are currently 17 designated in-zones covering cities across the country. For in-zone plans, chatr phones fees are as follows:. However, data is more expensive for these plans. You can check in-zone areas at Chatr's Coverage Map.

Outside chatr phones Canada, chatr phones, fees vary. Chatr does not offer international roaming add-ons. However, if your phone supports the network frequencies in use at your destination, you should be able to use your services at pay-per-use rates. Current rates for destinations chatr phones the world are available at their Travelling the World page. Depending on your plan, long distance fees may apply for calls within Canada. However, Canada-wide plans are available for worry-free calling coast-to-coast, chatr phones.

Per-minute international rates will differ depending on your plan as well. If you plan to talk with friends, loved ones or colleagues abroad for more than a few minutes per month, upgrading to a plan that includes their International Talk Saver Rate will likely save you money. To find out more about long distance fees check their Long Distance page, chatr phones.

Chatr allows tethering but does not provide technical support for tethering with your device. Be aware that tethering with a PC, game console or another device might cause increased data consumption, chatr phones. Any data used by those devices while tethered counts against your data bucket. Always tether with caution. Sim-only plans do not provide a discount over standard rates.

You can find more about device requirements and support at their Bring Your Own Phone page. NOTE: Fees often differ between retail stores and websites.

Be sure to check both before signing up or adding a line to your account to maximize savings. As there are no term contracts or device financing options, there is no worry about early termination fees with Chatr.

As per Local Number Portability requirements, you are free to bring your number to or transfer your number from Chatr as long as a few conditions are met. They estimate the process will take 1 to 5 business days. You can start the chatr phones in-store, online or by calling Chatr. For more information about porting numbers, chatr phones, refer to their General FAQ page.

If you received a subsidy on your phone, chatr phones, you must wait 90 days before unlocking your phone. You can stop by any store or contact Chatr by phone, email or chat to start the unlocking process. If you spot any errors or missing information, chatr phones let us know! It's appreciated and will help make this page better for everyone. Help inform others by sharing your experience with Chatr, chatr phones. Do I blame them, no! This was in the works for a some time and while it provides an additional choice for consumers it also adds to the confusion.

My phone was hacked and I took it to the store and was told to leave it alone,I just got another password from them, but it didn't fix the problem.

I had chatr number for a long time. Four years ago I needed to relocate out of Canada for a job. But I come back every summer.

I did it in order to continue using my account. Unfortunately they changed the roules, chatr phones. Now I had to renew and restart every three months. All my money canceled like I never payed it. My number cancelled. I really disappointed. No more chatr. So next day fixed my phone everything work well, chatr phones.

Next day my phone shows no service. My payments already went through. There is nothing my fault. I asked them to give me temporary sim and went to buy new sim because they will paid me back.

So I asked refund because they just gave me no service phone and almost chatr phones my number. As soon as I get my number back I wanna change to different company that I told them and they promised me chatr phones will chatr phones me refund not just one person at least 3ppl included a supervisor.

This is their worst thing. So I waited for 4 days nothing respond. So I called yesterday 2 ppl hang up my phone on purpose. So I assumed they were waiting for me to port out my number to different company. Good job you guys how bad you guys are, chatr phones. Literally I just lose chatr phones money and wasted my time, chatr phones. Also they admitted they are fault but they just saying apologies. Make sure I juts only use less than 2 days because of them.

I could use whole month if they noticed they might not be able to give me refund. Worst company ever, chatr phones. Seriously be careful! Chatr message insufficient funds. Dealer Mississauga Ontario said not his problem. Chatr does not answer phone calls or email.

I'll give them one more week and then contact CRTC and make a written complaint. They tricked Mobilicity customers by offering the same deal as Mobilicity and raise the fee instead of rewarding loyal customersthey are charging them 5 dollars extra. The new customers get cheaper plans. Went to the Chatr counter to get info on a chatr phones plan for foreign students who just needed a small plan for emergencies. Sent to Chatr by Fido who told me that Chatr dealt in smaller plans.

It works fine for the needs of said students for 4 months. At best incompetent, at worst dishonest. Why not get rid of these idiots and pass the savings onto subscribing clients of which I am not, repulsed by the encounter with these people.

Everyone knows the the Activation date is the date that you start "using" the card but not "buying". Chatr lacks credibility and is chatr phones worthy of your hard earned dollars-Go elsewhere!

We won't be using them by the end of this month! Cell Plans Carriers. Share Facebook Twitter Mail. Popular Plans. Compare Compare. See deal. Compare All Chatr Plans, chatr phones. Nokia 2. Motorola Moto E5 Play.

Compare All Chatr Phones. Notable Features No In-Zone Data Overages: As long as you are in your home zone, data throttles when chatr phones reach your monthly high-speed data threshold instead of accruing overages or cutting you off completely, chatr phones.

Plans without in-zone data are subject to overage fees.


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Aug 21,  · Talk is a combination phone chat and party line, meaning its designed for singles looking for lax and fun conversation. As a leader in live chat services, Talk offers callers across North America the opportunity to interact and engage with one another. Chatr formerly gave each phone a nickname (for example, "The Performer" or "The Steal") until its rebranding in SIM cards. SIM cards from Chatr (available in Mini, Micro, and Nano sizes) are compatible with any GSM or HSPA+ device, such as those designed to be used with Rogers assajyeds.gaarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Chatr offers prepaid monthly bundles with no option for post-pay plans. At the time of writing, prices for monthly bundles range between $20 and $50 per month, per line. Should you need a phone, Chatr offers a range of basic flip phones and entry-level smartphones. However, device financing is not available.